Soul I Mind

A boy came to a lake at his age of six,

playing with the crystals on the surface sparkling in the light.

The colored tree beside tricked, “Do you like me?”

“Yes, I do,” the little replied briskly, “you are brilliant and unique!”


A man visited the lake at his age of sixty,

kneeing down sluggishly to wash his very rough hands.

The colored Tree recognized and tested, “Do you like me?”

“Yes, I do,” the elder voiced softly, “you are brilliant and unique!” 


“Why still after all these years, my long-lost friend?”

“As I found no difference you seem.”

“But you have,” the wisdom Tree wept,

“look at your dull and weary face in the water!” 


“Only his mind I see, dear tree,” chipped in the Crystal Lake,

“the world changes every second but failed to alter his soul.

Having gone through all ups and downs along the path

from walking away to coming back again,

the pureness he kept unblemished makes him views everything the same!

It is the intrinsic power in him that has never been capitulated to the fate.

The beautiful sad eyes are to be praised.”

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