We call ourselves the homophony so-so…so-so…so-so.

At the end of the day, most of art pieces are so-so in people’s eyes; however, they represent the souls of the artists, who, notwithstanding are renowned or unknown.

So we also call ourselves so soul, for the artists.

Gallery, generally speaking, is a luxury place for upper class rather than grassroots. Claude Monet once said, “everything on display was sold for a good price to decent people. It has been a long time since I believed that you could educate public taste.”

As such, the doorsteps of galleries bar the majority of public as well as so-so artists.

We do not view that. Art is nothing about taste or decency or extravagance.

Perhaps art to some people is too abstract to be understood, and the meaning of it is kaleidoscope-likened variable. However, without talking about personal interpretation and perception, art can be the source of calm in the chaotic world, and it can keep our heart awake by its colorful pleasure.

We wish ~ art can be prevalent to everyone in our daily lives.

We hope ~ there is a window opened for so-so artists sharing their works with the public.

If dream, is to fulfil our lives; art, is to feed up our souls.

And no matter So Soul is so-so or not, it is to move you so.

Our doors are open to all souls.





畫廊,一般而言,出入者非富則貴。克勞德 . 莫奈曾言, 所有展示的作品都能以一個好價錢賣給尊貴的人。我一直以來都相信,你可以陶冶他們的品味。










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