The worlds of Sophia, 2015, Oil on canvas 30 x 40 inch (Re-creation Girl at a window, Oil 1925, Salvador Dalí, & Storm on the North Sea, Oil 1865, Ivan Constantinovich Aivazovsky)

About the painting   關於這畫

On 22 August 2015, a baby, named Sophia, born on the ship of the operation which rescued her mother off the coast of Libya.

On 28 September 2015, the EU agreed to start the active phase of the operation in the Mediterranean and to rename it “Operation Sophia”, focus of which is, however, on smugglers rather than on the rescue of migrants themselves.

The refugees on the boat are risking their lives to strive for the coziness that permeate the room.

The woman at the window named Sophia, along with her beloved, is watching the boat in the storm in a leisurely way.

We, who regard ourselves as the neoliberal world, the Sohpia in Chanel, in the embodiment of righteousness call ourselves Sophia.

What would Sophie, the 14-year-old Philosophy student created by Jostein Gaarder, think?

And what would humanitarian Soufi, the guardian angel of refugees at sea who grew up in Sicily and has been helping numerous refugees for years, think?

Did Salvador Dali see the heart-wrenching pain when looking out over the Mediterranean from his window in Cadaqués Spain?

Perhaps Ivan Aivazovsky in the Black Sea did.

As for me, futilely creating this painting with “illy” on one hand and the brush on the other under the roof of my tranquil room.








Salvador Dali從他在西班牙卡達克斯家中的這扇窗內遠望地中海時,看到那椎心的痛嗎

也許居於黑海的Ivan Aivazovsky感受到



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