Marco Szeto was born in Hong Kong in 1955. He started taking art lessons in 1967 from the late Lui Shou-Kwan, well-known master of modern Chinese ink painting. In 1968 Marco Szeto became a student of the Kung Shun Fine Art Institute, where he studied drawing and oil painting with Chin Chung. Thereafter his tutelage in art included watercolor painting under Dong Kingman, oil painting of an Italian school under Prof. Chen Shou-soo and Chen’s wife Lattanzi Chen, as well as pastel painting under Francesca Bik-yu Wong. In 1973 Marco Szeto left Hong Kong and attended various art institutes and private studios in Palermo, Sicily, Sardinia and other places throughout Italy, emphasising on traditional painting technique, drawing and art history. In 1977, Marco went to Madrid where he concentrated on art of Velazquez.

In 1978, Marco came back to Hong Kong and founded the Hong Kong Professional Comrades of Art Education Association. He also held his first solo exhibition at the Hong Kong Arts Centre under the joint sponsorship of the Italian Consulate General and II Comitato della Dante Alighieri di Hong Kong. In 1980, Marco Szeto became an instructor for art courses organized by the II Comitato della dante Alighieri di Hong Kong and in the same year he founded the art institute Barocco Accademia di bella Arti. In 1984, Marco joined with his musician brother, published the bi-monthly magazine, namely, “Music and Art”.

Over the years Marco Szeto has been evoting his time on art creation and exhibitions, teaching and promoting art. Since 1978, Marco Szeto has participated, either singly or jointly, over 40 exhibitions. His footprints were left on over 60 countries. His creativities are continuously fueled by the pleasure of travels. Marco is currently teaching in various universities in Hong Kong. Moverover, he is also the art tutors of different art institutions such as The Hong Kong Art School, The Macau Art Museum as well as the councilor of the Italian Cultural Society of Hong Kong.

司徒志明為港澳著名畫家,七十年代留學意大利及西班牙,曾於世界各地舉辦超過40多次畫展,現不斷從事旅遊寫生創作, 藝術推廣及教育,足跡遍60多個國家.並任教於香港城市大學,嶺南大學及澳門藝術博物館。作品匯貫中西。


For more Marco’s artworks, please visit his art blog 個人藝術網頁:
Facebook page: Marco Szeto / Art Education

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