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Dinner table, is placed in the heart of every house for getting stories from your beloved one after a long day. Then from time to time, your memory would recall a ton of love amassed with the taste of food.

Yes, it is a cliché. But we still passionately wish to offer you a standing dish, in exchange for sharing with us your platitudinous stories and dreams, even though you find out the dishes made by our amateur chef may be so-so and not as good as your mom.

Alternatively, you may wear the toque blanche at our kitchen being a Michelin star rated by your guests. We welcome whatever suggestion of sharing.

Come by and feed your soul with our food surrounded by our paintings rather than the television; communicate and share with your dear instead of phubbing. This is the art of dining and we call it art dining but not luxury banqueting. You may also spend your lazy afternoon with our coffee and tea.

Let the table be the caring bridge between two souls.









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